It is hereby notified to the students of Bachelor Level First Year (BBS, BED and BA) that their First Internal Examination will be conducted on and from 2078 Baishakh 6th carrying 30 marks in each subject as per the following schedule:

       Exam Schedule   Time: Morning 07:00 AM to 08:30 AM

                    Part DateFirst Year
2078/01/06Business Statistics (Mgt 202)
General Egnlish (Ed 411)
Introduction to Sociology (So 421)
2078/01/08Accounting for Financial Analysis (Mgt 211)
Reading, Writing and Thinking (Eng 421)
Theories of Development (Rd 421)
Found. of Health Education (H. Ed 416&418)
2078/01/11Business English (Mgt 201) English (Eng 401) Found. of Language and Linguistics Ed 416
नेपाली नाटक एकाङ्की र निबन्ध ( Ed 417)
2078/01/13Microeconomics (Mgt 203)
Basic Research Methods (Rd 422)
Literature and Crit. Tradition (Eng 422)
Read., Writ. & Crit.Think (Ed Eng 417)
नेपाली कथा र उपन्यास  (Nep Ed416)
2078/01/14Principles of Management (Mgt 213)
Dynamics of Nepali Society (So 422)
Foundation of Education ( Ed412)
2078/01/15C. Nepali- Ed 401

Note: Absentees at the exam will be compulsorily fined Rs. 100 per subject and debarred from Scholarship and other academic facilities. VP;��3