About US

In the year 2044, the construction of an environment for establishment of campus by conducting wealth-rich knowledge pioneers in the Nararmsheshwar Shivalaya Temple in the tremendous effort and leadership of the heavenly Pandit Krishna Sharan Dumrera, and Balarakkum from 37 yards of village and financial assistance of 37 villages and financial support Campus has been established and operated. In the year 2045, there was a provision of Certificate of Entry Certificate in Commerce and Technology, 9. And B.A. graduate level, M.V.S., M. A. (Sociology) and M.E. (Nepali and Health and Sharia Education) in the postgraduate and one year old V.A. Programs such as running. This year’s annual report has been published this year, continuing the work of Campus activities in every anniversary and guardian day since the year of anniversary.

This campus in Second Second Education Reform Project, 9hzx 0, has been convinced by getting the help of the relevant parties, centering their tasks for quality assurance accreditation 9 receipt by introducing the cultural, physical, educational and physical activities of the campus.

This report has been promulgated to provide educational achievements in educational events as well as educational achievements in the year 2073- 074 as well as to achieve achievements of the previous two years (Educational Assessment 2071- 072, 2072- 073). Members including members and members of the executive committee, who assisted in preparing the report, members of various sub-committee coordinators and members, faculty members, family heads, campus chiefs, assistant campus heads, departmental heads, all professors, employees, student and editing committee members Appreciating heartfelt gratitude to all the great beneficiaries In order to prepare rativedana something wrong, asking forgiveness of the faults in the coming days if the commitment was expressed to you, seeking to improve.

Kumarwarti Multiple Campus is dedicated to achieve the independent status by generating new ideas and assimilating the ideas of masterminds to enhance the betterment of human life at the regional, national and international scenario.


This institution believes in “Betterment of life through quality education”.


Kumarwarti Multiple Campus is dedicated to achieve the autonomous status by generating new ideas and assimilating the ideas of masterminds to enhance the betterment of human life at the regional, national and international scenario.



  • Developing this institution to be one of the renounced campus.
  • Enhancing its status as an autonomous university with other affiliated colleges to it.


Kumarwarti Multiple Campus is dedicated to produce highly efficient human resources and it is heading its way to these desired missions:

  • Paving way for higher education.
  • Production of skilled human resource in different fields.
  • Providing quality education services to society.
  • Preservation of national and traditional culture and learning of cross cultural values.
  • Providing community services.
  • Launching means for self sustainability.
  • Providing project based learning (problem based learning).
  • Establishing autonomous education institution with multi faculties peopled by skilled man power.
  • To strengthen system capacity through intensive support.
  • To train human resource to enable them to improve their skills and knowledge.


This plan is dedicated to realizing these achievements

  • To provide opportunities for higher education to the larger segment of the population especially to the culturally, socio-politically and economically disadvantaged community
  • To increase the number of students’ enrolment and to increase pass percentages.
  • To enhance quality and relevance of higher education and research through a set of incentives for promoting effective pedagogy, management and financial sustainability.
  • To improve access for academically qualified under privileged students, including girls, dalits and educationally disadvantaged janajatis for higher education.
  • To enhance the quality education by building linkage between national and international institutions to get mutual benefits.
  • To introduce new, modern and technical subjects.
  • To increase community participation.
  • To increase students’ participation in every activities.
  • To improve and extend physical facilities.
  • To establish a well-managed library.
  • To use modern information technology.
  • To be certified for QAA.
  • To keep the college environment clean, healthy and pleasant.

Major Priorities

This institution has set these priorities for the coming five years:

  1. Raising academic performance of the campus through skill development of teachers and staffs.
  2. Increasing pass percentage and achievement level through reinforcement activities.
  3. Administrative reform: providing capacity building training to administrative staffs.
  4. Improving the institutional memory records through effective information management.
  5. Introducing student support programme to attract more students.
  6. Introducing system for taking responsibility and accountability.
  7. Increasing student enrolment by introducing marketable subjects.
  8. Providing job oriented courses.
  9. Providing further study programme for teaching staffs.
  10. Launching of new programmes:
    1. Introduction of additional subjects in master degree level; e.g. M.Ed.(Eng)
    2. Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) and Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor in Information Management (BIM), Bachelor in Social Worker (BSW).
  11. Infrastructure development:
    1. Immediate priority
    2. Renovation of existing library.
    3. Completion of compounding and protection of campus land.
    4. Gardening and park development.
    5. Vehicle parking stand.
    6. Development of a well furnished faculty department
    7. Building of new toilets.
    8. Construction of Basket Ball Court.
    9. Construction of Business Shutters.
    10. Mid-term priority
      1. Construction of a separate library.
      2. Construction of a free student union building.
      3. Modernizing/Renovation of the computer lab.
      4. Construction of a cafeteria.
    11. Long-term priority
      1. Construction of an administrative building.
      2. Construction of hostel for students.
      3. Construction of quarters for campus staffs.