Message from the Chairperson

I feel tremendously pleased to write a couple of sentences about KMC as a chairperson. To meet the demand of changing perspective of time, we have buildings to suffice for administrative and teaching purposes, well equipped computer lab, library, well-furnished lavatories, safe drinking water, self-motivated faculty members dedicated to the academic well-being of students to make them capable of globally competitive etc. Although it has forged a long way in its progress from the time of its inception, we cannot complacently conclude that it is not the final point. It has yet lots of things to do. One of the things to be done is to increase its connectivity with the community to get feedback from it and also to assure the stakeholders that it is reflecting their aspirations. So let’s be proud of KMC as the first and leading educational institute of district and encourage your wards to join it to assimilate the values of simplicity and discipline.

Mahendra Pokharel
Chairman KMC